So Many Great Photos!

In Flow with Otto

Et forelsket par nyter den vakre solnedgangen ved Playa Anchon

I have finally been able to get through most of the photos which have been entrusted me to evaluate. For various personal reasons it took much longer than I really wanted to. Still, there are few images left for me to give feedback on, but I expect to do the last ones over the next day or two. Nevertheless, for those of you who still haven’t used my offer to get what I hope to be some constructive critique on your photos, the deal is still open. So far it’s been a real pleasure to go through the submitted images. I have seen anything from landscapes to street photos, from straightforward to quite complicated images, from cold to warm, from black and white to saturated colour photos. I have felt very privileged to be allowed to look through and give my honest feedback to so many of your photos. It’s…

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