Dining In Geneva Switzerland: Atasca Do Primo

International Bellhop Travel Magazine


Sometimes the best ethnic food you have ever had the pleasure of eating, is found in the most unexpected places. When we were looking for a place to eat in Geneva, Switzerland, we never thought we would encounter the best Portuguese cuisine ever tasted. Atasca do Primo is not only the most delicious Portuguese cuisine outside of Portugal, it is some of the best food we had during our long trip throughout Switzerland and the Alps.


The interior of Atasca do Primo provides a warm feeling, like entering into the home and kitchen of a Portuguese family. The walls are decorated with Iberian art and classical Portuguese styles. As soon as you enter the dining room, you are immediately hit with the wonderful aroma of grilled meats and seafood and assorted spices mingling with the perfume of a freshly opened bottle of wine. Even without the food, this is a…

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