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TOP: St Frock // SKIRT: Missguided // JACKET:Sportsgirl // SHOES: Skin Shoes So, part two of my business series covers how I like to break the typical „business attire” rules… When we all think of business, we think of black. I covered that section in my last post but I wanted to change things up a bit. I think it’s really important to  come up with new ideas for the office. Don’t get me wrong, I outfit repeat a lot but, I don’t really think it’s a problem – it doesn’t bother me. The key to getting away… Continuă să citești DRESSING FOR THE OFFICE: PART 2

So Many Great Photos!

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I have finally been able to get through most of the photos which have been entrusted me to evaluate. For various personal reasons it took much longer than I really wanted to. Still, there are few images left for me to give feedback on, but I expect to do the last ones over the next day or two. Nevertheless, for those of you who still haven’t used my offer to get what I hope to be some constructive critique on your photos, the deal is still open. So far it’s been a… Continuă să citești So Many Great Photos!


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TOP: Witchery // PANTS: Witchery // COAT: Country Road // SHOES: Skin Shoes There’s nothing better than pulling together an outfit with a few of your favourite things. There are pieces that sit in my wardrobe for weeks on end – untouched. This was all about bringing in pieces, old and new, to bring together a fresh look that is so on trend and how to cull those pieces that you don’t need. The shoes and the coat are two of my favourite new pieces and the bustier and pants are some of my… Continuă să citești HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY CULL YOUR WARDROBE